Past Perfect Subjunctive is used to express an action or an event that is not real in the past. Before you take the Past Perfect Subjunctive Exercises, please read the theory and example part carefully. You have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions.


- Past Perfect Subjunctive Forms

1. Would rather Form:

S1 + would rather (that), S2 + V(past perfect subjunctive)


I would rather that she hadn't been to Hawaii last summer.

2. If Form:

If + S + V(past perfect subjunctive), S + could/would + have + V(past participle)

If only + S + V(past perfect subjunctive)


 If it had rained, I wouldn't have gone for a picnic.

3. Wish Form:

S + wish (that) S + V(past perfect subjunctive)


I wish I hadn't been to New York last week.

4. As if/As though:

S + V(past simple) + as if/as though + S +V(past perfect subjunctive)


He drank wine as if he hadn't drunk it for a year.

Now You'll take a "Past Perfect Subjunctive" test.