This present subjunctive exercises help you to practice subjunctive verbs and adjectives. Before you take the exercise, please read the theory and example part carefully. You have 10 minutes to answer 20 questions.


- Present Subjunctive Forms

1. Affirmative Form:

S1 + V (that) + S2 + V (infinitive)


He insists she leave now.

The doctor suggested that he stop smoking.


2. Negative Form:

S1 + V (that) + S2 + NOT+ V (infinitive)


I recommended that she not open the door.


Subjunctive Verbs: to advise; to ask; to command; to demand; to desire; to insist; to propose, to recommend; to request; to suggest; to urge.

Subjunctive Adjectives: necessary; recommended; urgent; essential; vital; important; obligatory; required; mandatory; proposed; suggested

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