An imperative sentence is a sentence that give a direct command to listeners. So how to use imperative sentences? Let's take a look the do imperative sentences exercises to practice.


- Imperative Sentences Forms

1. Direct imperative sentences

Affirmative Form: V(infinitive) (+ Object)


Open the door.

Turn on the light.


Negative Form: Don't + V(infinitive) (+ Object)


Don't Open the car.

Don't Turn on the light.

Don't Stop!

2. Indirect imperative sentences: tell/say/order/ask sb to do sth.

Affirmative Form: tell/say/order/ask sb to do sth.


Tell him to open the door.

Negative Form: tell/say/order/ask sb NOT to do sth.


He ordered me NOT to open the door.

3. Imperative sentences with "let".

Affirmative Form: Let me/us/him/ her/ it/ them + V-infinitive


Let me do it.

Negative Form: Let me/us/him/ her/ it/ them + NOT+ V-infinitive


Let him NOT close the door.

Now You'll take a "Imperative Sentences" test.

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