This exercise was designed to help you practice Demonstrative Adjectives. The exercise contains 20 questions. Choose the best answer to complete the exercise.


Demonstrative Adjectives include: This, that, these, those, other, another, the other.

1. In order to talk about people or things near us we use This (singular) and These (plural) as pronouns:


This is my bag.

These are my bags.

2. In order to talk about people or things NOT near us we use That (singular) and Those (plural) as pronouns:


That car is old.

Those houses are new.

3. Other: Refer to additional things or people (the one that you have not mentioned).

Are there any other questions?

4. Another: one more person or thing of the same type as before and often followed by a singular countable noun.

Buy two hats and get another free.


Now You'll take a "Demonstrative Adjectives" test.