Decoding "He", "His", and "Him" in English Grammar

When discussing third-person singular male references in English, "he", "his", and "him" play a pivotal role. They form the core of how we address or discuss a male individual. This article provides a concise exploration of these three pronouns.

1. What are "He", "His", and "Him"?

  • He: A subject pronoun used to refer to a male person or male animals.

    Example: He is a doctor.

  • His: A possessive adjective or pronoun that indicates ownership or relation.

    As an adjective: That is his car. As a pronoun: The book is his.

  • Him: An object pronoun referring to a male individual.

    Example: She gave the ticket to him.

2. What Tense Uses "He", "His", and "Him"?

The pronouns "he", "his", and "him" aren't tied down to any specific tense. They can be found across past, present, and future tenses.


  • He played soccer yesterday. (Past)
  • His book is on the table. (Present)
  • She will meet him tomorrow. (Future)

3. How to Use "He", "His", and "Him" in Sentences:

  • He: Always functions as a subject.

    Example: He writes novels.

  • His: Used to signify possession.

    As an adjective: His shirt is blue. As a pronoun: This pen is his.

  • Him: Serves as an object (either direct or indirect).

    Example: I gave him the key.

4. The Difference Among "He", "His", and "Him":

  • He: Subject pronoun.

    Example: He runs fast.

  • His: Possessive adjective or pronoun.

    As an adjective: His shoes are new. As a pronoun: The decision was his.

  • Him: Object pronoun.

    Example: She called him.

5. Cases Where "He", "His", and "Him" Shouldn't Be Used:

  • Using "him" as a subject:

    Incorrect: Him went to the store. Correct: He went to the store.

  • Using "he" as an object:

    Incorrect: She gave the book to he. Correct: She gave the book to him.

  • Using "his" in place of "he" or "him":

    Incorrect: His is my friend. Correct: He is my friend.

6. Practice He/His/Him Exercises

What are the differences among "He/His/Him" in English? This test was designed for you to practice "He/His/Him". The test has 20 questions. Before taking the test, please read the following tips about "He/His/Him".


He is a Subject Personal Pronoun

Ex: He can play guitar.


His is a Possessive Adjective

Ex: This is his guitar.


His is a Possessive Pronoun

Ex: That guitar is his.


Him is an Object Pronoun

Ex: She is taller than him.


Now You'll take a "He/His/Him" test.

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