Exploring "Our" and "Their" in English Grammar

The words "our" and "their" are integral components of the English language, denoting possession or association. Their correct usage is key to achieving clarity in both spoken and written communication.

1. What are "Our" and "Their"?

"Our" and "their" are possessive adjectives that indicate ownership or a relationship to a subsequent noun.


  • We have finished our project.
  • They misplaced their keys.

2. What Tense Uses "Our" and "Their"?

These possessive adjectives are not tethered to any particular tense. Their primary function is to convey possession or affiliation, not to denote time.


  • We lost our tickets last year. (Past)
  • Their dog is very playful. (Present)
  • Our flight will depart at noon tomorrow. (Future)

3. How to Use "Our" and "Their" in Sentences:

  • Our: Used to signify that something belongs to or is associated with the speaker and one or more other people.

    Example: Our family goes on a trip every summer.

  • Their: Used to indicate something belongs to or is related to a group of people being talked about.

    Example: The students are proud of their accomplishments.

4. The Difference Among "Our" and "Their":

  • Our: Indicates possession or relation of the speaker and others.

    Example: Our town has a rich history.

  • Their: Refers to possession or association of a third party or group that's not directly involved in the conversation.

    Example: Their proposal was innovative and compelling.

5. Cases Where "Our" and "Their" Shouldn't Be Used:

  • When the possession is already implied or when using possessive pronouns:

    Incorrect: That is our car of ours. Correct: That is our car. or That car is ours.

  • When not referring to possession:

    Incorrect: We are going to our home. Correct: We are going home.

In wrapping up, "our" and "their" are fundamental possessive adjectives in the English lexicon, and their correct usage ensures succinct and clear communication. Grasping their distinctions and proper application is vital for anyone keen on mastering the nuances of English grammar.

6. Practice Our/Their Exercises

What is the difference between "Our/Their" in English? This test was designed for you to practice "Our/Their". The test has 20 questions. Before taking the test, please read the following tips about "Our/Their".


- Our: is the possessive adjective of the personal pronoun "We"


- This is our car.

Our horse is black.

- Their: is the possessive adjective of the personal pronoun "They"


- What are their dogs doing?

- Their friends are from America.


Now You'll take a "Our/Their" test.