The following pronunciation lessons help you improving your English pronunciation. Each lesson contains words, sample pronunciation audios. You can listen to the sample then speak slowly and clearly to record your pronunciation. After that, your pronunciation will be analyzed to show the result.

Below is a guideline to guide you how to work with this program and how to enable your microphone to record your voice. Please read the guideline carefully.

































After you speak, the program will test your speaking and analyze it. If you speak correctly, the program will tell you that you speak perfectly. If not, you can try again.

















Note: This program supports "Google Chrome" browser only. If you have not installed it, please install before starting.


1. Practice Pronouncing - Consonants (24 lessons)

2. Practice Pronouncing - Vowels (19 lessons)

3.Perfect English Pronunciation Online - Common English Words (102 lessons, more than 3000 common words)

4. Perfect Pronunciation - English Alphabet (1 lesson)



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