English Vocabulary Tests

Vocabulary is basic and very important when you learn foreign languages. You can't understand, read, write, and speak if you don't know vocabulary. Learn English vocabulary is a long process that you must follow. There are some tips for you to improve your English vocabulary tests:

English Vocabulary Tests

A good dictionary will help you much

Vocabulary test tips

- Find and buy a good dictionary because dictionary is the best friend to help you understand meaning of the new words.

- Set up a habit to learn vocabulary everyday, every where, any time.

- Don't learn too many words in a day. You will feel tired and bored after few days. 5-10 words a day are enough.

- Reading is a good way to learn vocabulary. Take note all new words and learn them.

- Play with words by crossword games, hangman, flash cards, etc...

- Listening is a good method to learn vocabulary. Copy listening mp3 to your cellphone, mp3 players, etc ... and listen to them anywhere, any time.

- Test your vocabulary you have just learned to refresh your memory. Remember that the more often you read, listen, and speak a word, the longer you remember it.

 English Vocabulary tests categories

 Below are vocabulary categories. Select a category to start.

  1. Picture Vocabulary - Multichoice           Download PDF
  2. Picture Vocabulary - Matching              Download PDF
  3. Vocabulary by Pictures
  4. Picture Description 
  5. English Picture Vocabulary Flash Cards
  6. Basic Vocabulary
  7. Phonetics - Sound - Easy
  8. Phonetics - Sound - Medium
  9. Phonetics - Sound - Hard
  10. Phonetics - Stress - Easy
  11. Phonetics - Stress - Medium
  12. Phonetics - Stress - Hard
  13. Pronunciation
  14. Irregular Verbs - Simple Past
  15. Irregular Verbs - Past Participle
  16. Irregular Verbs - Irregular or Regular
  17. GRE Vocabulary
  18. SAT Vocabulary
  19. GMAT Vocabulary
  20. Irregular Nouns
  21. TOEIC Vocabulary
  22. Pictures Vocabulary
  23. Word Family - Matching
  24. Word Family - Filling Gap
  25. Word Family - Reading and Filling Gap
  26. Basic IELTS Vocabulary 
  27. Intermediate IELTS Vocabulary
  28. Advanced IELTS Vocabulary