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How many English essay styles?

There are common 6 types of English essays. Select any style that you prefer below to practice:







English essay writing tips?

Writing an essay is a challenging task. It is very easy to make mistakes. There are some tips that can help you avoid this. Here is a simple guide to writing an essay.

Introduction: You should make the introduction first. State your opinion about the topic.

Body: Now that you have written a good introduction, you should write your body paragraph. Body paragraphs are those parts that you are going to explain in details. So, start with an example of how you can solve a problem with a simple example. Make sure to include the examples in your body paragraph. If you need to support your thesis, you should add quotes. Also, if you want to include information about what you are explaining, you should use parenthesis.

Conclusion: This is your last paragraph, and you should include everything you have discussed in your body paragraph. In this paragraph, you should summarize your whole essay.

What are common mistakes when writing an English essay?

Writing an English essay is not a simple task. There are many different types of essays, and each type requires a specific approach. Writing a good essay is a process that involves careful planning, research, and writing. Below are some of the most common mistakes made by students while writing an English essay.

  1. The most common mistake when writing an English essay is not reading the question. The question is the first line of the essay and tells you what you are supposed to write about. Read the question carefully. The mistake that most people make when writing an English essay is to rush through it. It is important to spend time reading the topic carefully before starting to write. The topic should help you to set up a structure for your essay. If you don't read the topic carefully, you may end up writing something that is not related to what the topic is asking you to do. This will make your essay sound very sloppy. You may also miss out on certain words or phrases that are important to include in your essay.
  2. Students frequently repeat sentences and words from the book. The evaluators are aware of plagiarism because of this. The best way to prevent this is to paraphrase. In your essay, try to substitute similar or synonymous words.
  3. Another difficulty is accurately paraphrasing. Sometimes students change the meaning of the phrase by using different terms. This could change the information from the source, which would be considered inaccurate. Students must proofread their writing to make sure they did not alter the sentence's main meaning.
  4. The three counterarguments presented in the audio are frequently overlooked by students when completing the integrated writing job (reading portion). resulting in an essay that isn't complete. Keep a tab open and highlight the three crucial passage and audio parts. Always take notes while listening and reading. This will assist in producing a successful essay.
  5. Students struggle to coherently organize their ideas in the independent writing assignment. The greatest method for organizing ideas before writing an essay is prewriting or preplanning.
  6. There should be an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion in an excellent essay. Essays that are well-organized can increase pupils' test scores.
  7. Many grammatical errors are made by students. The following are a few of them:
    1. Run-on clauses: Run-on clauses occur when a student adds too many clauses to a statement. Practice writing simple or complex sentences to avoid this. Several compound sentences are also valid.
    2. Tenses: Tenses are a common source of confusion for students. The proper tense should be used when elaborating on an issue. Use the right tense, whether it is past, present, or future.
    3. Using transitional phrases: Students frequently write essays with outstanding content but fail to connect it. Transition words can be used to connect ideas in an efficient way. Use conjunctions like "in addition," "furthermore," and "similarly" to link ideas; "however," "despite," and "but" to contrast concepts; and "thus," "therefore," and "therefore" to draw a conclusion.

    4. Writing style and tone: A formal, consistent writing style aids in higher grades. Students should refrain from utilizing acronyms and colloquial language.

    5. Punctuation mistakes - By proofreading the essay just before submission, these mistakes can be avoided.

    6. Other common mistakes include those involving subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, and articles.


    The another common mistake that students make is that they don’t proofread their writing before they submit it. These are all mistakes that you can easily avoid if you proofread your writing before you submit it.


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