Verbs "Raise" and "Rise" How to use?

Verbs "Raise" and "Rise" How to use? This is my homework. Help plz!
13 years ago
Asked 13 years ago

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Regular Verb
TRANSITIVE - needs an object
VERB FORMS: raise - raised - raised - raising

Irregular Verb
INTRANSITIVE - no object
VERB FORMS: rise - rose - risen - rising

Answered 13 years ago

Raise is (usually) a transitive verb that means lift, heighten, or promote. Rise is an intransitive verb that means to get up or increase.
In the U.S. and Canada, an increase in salary is called a raise. In the U.K., it's a rise.
Answered 13 years ago

As I know

- Raise = move to a higher position
+ Raise + Object
Ex: The landlord raises my rent again.
- Rise = move upward by itself
+ Rise can't not be used with an object
Ex: The sun is rising.
Answered 13 years ago
Jennifer Lopez

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