Affect in a sentence: Give are some examples?

Hi, Could you give me some examples of affect in a sentence? Thank you very much.
2 years ago
Asked 2 years ago

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The movie affected the audience greatly.
He was affected when he heard about the death of his sister.
He was greatly affected when he saw the picture of his father.
The film affected me greatly.
The music affects everyone differently.
The book affected me very much.
The game affected me so much.
Answered 2 years ago

You will be affected by the story if you care about it.
This book affects me deeply.
I was affected by the fact that he told me the truth.
You may be affected by the story if you like it.
She is affected by the memory of him.
He is affected by the news.
The news affects the economy.
It will affect the economy.
How does the news affect you?
How does the news affect the economy?
It's good to be happy and affect others.
This is a song that affects me and many people.
This is a song that affected me.
Answered 2 years ago

It affects my thinking.
I will be affected by your words.
Affect has several meanings.
She felt affected when she saw her reflection in the glass.
She was affected by his words.
The affections of parents may have a very big influence on children.
Her affections and emotions were so deep that they affected the entire house.
Affecting a person means causing the person to be in a particular condition or state.
Answered 2 years ago

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