Example of startup sentences?

Hello, I need some example of startup sentences. Please provide me some startup sentences. Thank you so much.
2 years ago
Asked 2 years ago

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Below are examples of startup sentences
Startup is the process of starting up a business, corporation or other entity.
Startup is a software company that helps people run their websites.
We had a startup in 1998.
Startup costs for companies vary greatly.
In startup stage, it is better to focus on marketing rather than on the technology.
A startup needs a lot of capital.
The startup cost is high.
Some people don't like the new startup system.
My friend is now working at the startup company.
She studied accounting at a startup company.
Startup companies are good places to work.
Answered 2 years ago

The government is offering incentives to new startups.
It is important to be a startup founder.
The startup community is made up of talented individuals.
A startup has to focus on the customer first.
She worked as a programmer in a start-up.
In his start-up, he uses the latest technology.
Start-ups are a risky venture and only a few succeed.
He has a great idea for a start-up that will be revolutionary.
This will help a startup company get its products to market faster.
She started to work for a start-up company.
When I was in college, I worked for a start-up company.
When the startup company got its first contract, it hired me.
The start-up company is expanding into new markets.
Start-ups can offer lower pay than established companies but have less pressure.
Answered 2 years ago

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