Example of "check" in a sentence?

Give me some example of "check" in a sentence? How to use "check" in a sentence?
2 years ago
Asked 2 years ago

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Examples of check in sentences:
He checked his email and found he had a new message.
They do not check the goods before giving them to you.
Check is a word you will often hear in the phrase:
They don't check the food.
Some people prefer to check luggage.
Check the oil in your car every year.
Don't check the spelling on a website that is just for fun.
You need to check your mail before you leave for work.
You need to check your passport and visa before you fly to New York.
I've checked all the answers and everything is correct.
If you do not check your luggage, you will lose your money and your clothes.
If you do not check in, you risk missing your flight.
The police checked every road leading out of town.
We should check everything before we make a deal.
Check the area for anything suspicious.
Answered 2 years ago

For your reference:
After you check your house for anything suspicious, call the police.
Before you go home, check your door for a possible break in.
You should always check your luggage and computer for any dangerous items.
Check out the new website.
Check your email first thing tomorrow morning.
Checks have been written to the IRS to pay the taxes that are due.
He sent his check for $50 and asked that she send him back half the money.
When we receive a check, we give the recipient the cash value of it.
She checks her phone for emails every ten minutes.
The check was cashed at a local bank
Answered 2 years ago

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