How to use acted verb? give me example sentences?

Hello, How to use acted verb? Give me example sentences please. Thanks
2 years ago
Asked 2 years ago

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She acted in many movies.
He acted very well in that movie.
This actor acted very well in that movie.
He acts in many movies.
She acted in this movie.
She has acted in many movies.
I acted well on stage.
He acts well in movies.
He acts in many movies.
The students have to act in many different plays.
Answered 2 years ago

Acting is a fun hobby that can lead to a career in theatre.
We act out the parts written for us in the play.
We had to act in our school plays and musicals.
This caused her to act rude to the man who helped her.
In this play, he acts the part of a young boy named William.
This is where he acts the part of a king.
He acts out a part in the play, but later finds that it is not his part.
The drama was well acted.
I have acted in several plays.
The film was acted in Italy.
Answered 2 years ago

They act for money.
He acted in several movies.
I did not act in my school plays.
I acted in my school plays when I was in high school.
You can act as a judge in a play.
I acted as a waiter.
My son acted as the principal in a school play.
Answered 2 years ago

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