"Chu Văn An" tiếng anh là gì?

Cho tôi hỏi "Chu Văn An" dịch sang tiếng anh thế nào?
8 years ago
Asked 8 years ago

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Chu Văn An dịch là: Chu Văn An (1292-1370) - talented and virtuous pedagogue and scholar in the Trần times - was reputed for straightforwardness and not being concerned with fame and advantages. His native village was in Thanh Đạm (Thanh Trì- Hà Nội). He graduated as doctor and came home to teach instead of becoming a mandarin. Many of his students make their way in the world (Phạm Sư Mạnh, Lê Quát). Chu Văn An taught the crown prince at Quốc Tử Giám, and submitted Thất Trảm Sớ (petition asking to behead seven sycophantic mandarins) to the king. Because the king"s disapproval, he resigned and led a secluded life under the pen-name Tiều Ân (secluded woodcutter). His works were Quốc Ngữ Thi Tập (Anthology of national language), Tiều Ân Thi Tập (Anthology of a secluded woodcutter). There is a temple to his memory at the Temple of Literature in Hà Nội
Answered 8 years ago

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