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how can i got a shcolarship to study in the USA

its my dream i want to get it.
12 years ago
Asked 12 years ago
elmeguenni fatima

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Your dream will come true. However you must prepare something:
- TOEFL - to study in the USA. TOEFL is required. Your TOEFL score must higher 550 (PBT) or 80 (iBT)
- GRE - If you study graduate degree. GRE is required.
- Prepare your good background and knowledge. Therefore, You must get high grade at high school or bachelor degree.
- Prepare a good resume
- Contact directly with a professor that you want him to be our advisor (Graduate). He will help you a lot.
- Keep in touch with your friends and teachers to know the information of scholarships.
- You can visit website of the school you want to study to download information. Almost universities provide information about scholarships for students.
- Prepare every for an interview for a Visa. Because even you have everything in hand. But ambassador doesn't provide you Visa, you have to stay at home.

Good luck!
Answered 12 years ago

but if i want to go when i'm study at middle school??? what i have to prepare?? thank you!
Answered 11 years ago
Linh Kem

I need to visit shcolarship to study in the USA and different countries such as belgim....
Answered 8 years ago
Tekle GebreEgziabher Kidanu

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