i want my questions answer

11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago

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Towcdhoun! That's a really cool way of putting it!
Answered 11 years ago

Hi! First time commenting on you blog delefitiny not the first time I've read it though. I feel the same as you do on the first day and it's nice to know that it's not just a feeling that newly qualified teachers get. Sometimes I thrive off the nerves and it makes the class more exhilarating, but other times it really gives me a mental block. You've found a way to get by that feeling for sure!Thanks for sharing your ideas. I tried the goal-setting idea with a few of my classes a couple of months ago but few people actually took it seriously. The secret code and folder adds something extra to it. I'm going to try it out when i start teaching again in September. That and the crossword idea.I once tried I have never'. When I played the game amongst friends we used to play never have I ever' which successfully baffled my intermediate class enough for them to just not be interested. Lesson learned. Thanks again,Dale
Answered 11 years ago

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Answered 10 years ago

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Answered 10 years ago

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