How to use "fewer" and "less"?

I don't understand when we use "fewer" or "less". I confuse it sometimes. Please help!
11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago

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Good question

- Fewer refers to NUMBER and is used with PLURAL nouns.

- Less refers to DEGREE or AMOUNT and is used with SINGULAR nouns.

Ex: If the organizers had put forth LESS effort (a smaller degree), FEWER people (a smaller number) would have attended the HIV conference.

- The expression less than (instead of fewer than) precedes plural noun referring to periods of time, amounts of money, number, and quantities.

- In other words, less than is used before a NUMBER or AMOUNT to say that the actual number or amount is smaller than this.

Ex: This milk contains less than 20% fat (an amount of fat)
It was less than 2 years ago (a period of time)
Answered 11 years ago
English Teacher

You use less when you can't count something and fewer when yuo can count something.
Answered 11 years ago
Amelia del Puerto

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