Collection of REAL questions of the TOEFL ibt speaking section?

Hi guys,

I am preparing for the TOEFL ibt. Have you guys ever taken TOEFL ibt? Please share your Real questions of speaking section. These questions will help me a lot.

Thank you
11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago
TOEFL learner

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I didn't remember clearly, but my toefl test had

1. Tell about a book you have read
2. What do you do to relax?

Good luck!
Answered 11 years ago

My case:

1. What kind of movies do you like? (action, comedy etc)
2. Where is the best place to meet and have fun with your friends?
Answered 11 years ago

1. What are the characteristics of good parents
2. Which do you prefer, work on your assignments alone, or in a group?
Answered 11 years ago

I have taken the TOEFL test for a year. These are questions:

1. Tell me about an interesting career or a job you want.
2. Do you prefer long vacation or short vacation?
Answered 11 years ago

I hope these questions will repeat:)

1. Are games necessary in schools?
2. What is your favorite place in your city?
3. You have extra amount of money. Would you save it or spend it?
Answered 11 years ago

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