What is the difference between "wound" and "injure"?

wht is difference between the wound and injury?
12 years ago
Asked 12 years ago

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Injury is legal term under IPC sec 44,defined as any harm whatever illegally caused to body,mind,property or reputation. Wound,i can say,is a surgical terminology ,indicating a breach in the covering epithelium or skin.
Answered 11 years ago

Injure can mean lots of things as in physically injured, emotionally injured, or as some people might say in books, "he looked at her with an injured look." Those are a few things. A wound is sort of like the adjective of injured, but does have a difference. A wound is something that is bleeding and has not scabbed over... or maybe that is an open wound..... Sorry, I dunno... :-/
Answered 11 years ago

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