HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY English writing?

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10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago
kiran Ashraf

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You can improve your writing only by keep writing only. You can write simple letters to your friends and ask question for your doubt with other people on the forum and keep reading books it will boost your writing skill. Don't bother about silly mistakes, by doing mistakes only we can learn more things. Don't feel shy while writing. No one is expert in the language, so we can improve our writing skill without hesitation. Start practicing from to-day. Cheer up., Good Luck.
Answered 10 years ago

I think to improve my english writing : First, we should write on paper many time about other topic. we can collect more vocabulary while writing Secondarly,we should apply arcurated grammar to write better we should practice writing to find out mistake Third, we should collect some good writing on the Internet Finally, we should exchange our writing with our friends Therefore,we will improve my english writing That 's my opinion Thank you so much
Answered 10 years ago
Trần Thị Sương Sương

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