i need to learn TOEFL

i am matrick student and i want to learn toefl

12 years ago
Asked 12 years ago

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There are several ways you can study for the test. First of all you should do all you can to practice your general English skills. Speak in English whenever possible, read college level texts, listen to lectures and radio in English and study vocabulary. Secondly, you should get familiar with the test itself. There are a number of books that can help with this, the most common is "The Official Guide to TOEFL" put out by ETS, or one of my personal favorites is "Cracking the TOEFL." after you are familiar with the test you will want to take at least one sample test - you can find some of these online. Finally, as you get used to the test and have time set aside everyday to practice, probably the best thing you can do is to hire a tutor either in your home town or online to listen to your answers, and give you feed back on your speaking and writing. Hope this helps!
Answered 12 years ago

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Answered 9 years ago

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Answered 9 years ago

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Answered 9 years ago

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