How do I become a good reader and good listener?

Dear Sir, madam.
you see I've learnt english for along time but I still not be a good reader and good listener. so could you pleased give me some good advice.I'm looking forward to seeing from you.thank million.
10 years ago
Asked 10 years ago
Peou suy

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In my experience
1) to read well, you should:
- Learn as many vocabularies as possible.
- Start from simple passages to difficult passages. Try to understand the content of the passage before reading a new one.
- Answer all the questions related to the passage. Then see the key to check your answers. Take a few minutes to review your answers and find why you answer incorrectly.
2) to improve your listening skill, you should.
- Listen to English anywhere, anytime
- Listen from simple to hard dialogues.
- Answer the questions if available.
- See the tapescript check your answers.
- Learn new words in the dialogues.
- Listen again until you understand the dialogues or talks.
Answered 10 years ago

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