I want to improve my E writing skill, show me useful tips please.

11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago

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e writing as in electronic writing? it is much the same as creative writing ie for me using your own experiences and vivid memories to express it using unique adjectives to capture the moment u want to tell ur reader.You can list down words to describe ur feelings towards the subject ur writing u want to create..in a unique manner.As of electonic..u can download software for that? Well jst my idea..
Answered 11 years ago
catherinw caccam

To improve English Skill, we should know to use limited/well known vocabulary to write well. We should make a routine to write at least four to five letters or chat with your friends. We have to read good articles and the letters of good writers, so that we can improve our vocabulary. writing will not come, unless we write/try for that.If we keep writing to some one without seeing minor error, we can improve English skill to some extent. Daily we should try to learn at least 10 new vacobulary and practice them in our routine..
Answered 9 years ago

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