I want some sentences starting with having.

I want to know how to use"having" when we strat the sentences.
11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago

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Having told that smoking harms our bodies, i did not smoke anymore.
Answered 11 years ago

You can make sentences by using this rule - When one action happens before another action, we use having +pp for the fist action. Ex: - Having got up, she had a bath. - Having found a house, they bought it. - Having finished her test, she went out. - Having kissed him, she went home. ....
Answered 10 years ago
English teacher

Dear Teacher, Thank you very much for your reply about using "Having". Having learnt English from you people, I could say thanks.
Answered 10 years ago

Having finished homework, the boy got to go outside and play.
Answered 10 years ago
Taylor Swift

Having bored with English, I stopped learning that language.
Answered 10 years ago

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