i am good in english but i have a problem to keep going in any conversation because i don't speak english everyday.stp how can i improve this skill?

hi, i don't speak english everyday but just in english classess and this make me weak among my friends. by the way i hate chating in internet and i know that is a big dilemma
13 years ago
Asked 13 years ago
asma salah

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Well, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are the FOUR skills of learning English. If you want to become a good speaker, you must be a good listener. Listen to spoken English and then imitate the pronunciation/intonation and facial expressions of the speaker, if in front of you. Listen to the news, views, commentaries, lectures by the native speakers. Shen shyness. Be confident. Don't give much attention to grammar. Just say whatever words you have in your vocabulary. By and by you will realize that speaking English is not a difficult art.
Answered 13 years ago
Prof. Aslam Gondal

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