how can i improve my english

13 years ago
Asked 13 years ago

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The best way to improve your English is to expose yourself to as many different kinds spoken and written English texts as possible such as news, advertisement, song, or event football running commentary. You should start from the easier one and after you gain confidence in mastering it, shift to more difficult texts. Also, take note of a new vocabulary you find when reading and use it in your speaking and writing activities. The text you read or lusten should be the one that interest you. For example, I like politics, and I always follows Yahoo news on Libyan civil war. I copy and paste the texts and looked up the meaning of new words. Series of text with similar theme will help us to be proficient in that area of knowledge both in content as well as choice of words. Good luck and happy studying.
Answered 13 years ago

you can watch english movies with english subtitles, read english books, and obviously to make your english a lot better, live in foreign country.
Answered 13 years ago

For me, the best way to improve my English is the international chat room. You can talk in English there with people from many different countries. This is awesome. Just put in google ,,international chat" or ,,English chat room", check the link and sing in as a guest
Answered 13 years ago

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