where we use few,some and any

12 years ago
Asked 12 years ago

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- Few, some, any + countable nouns.
Ex: There are few (some) people here.
- Some, any + uncountable nouns.
Ex: I need some water.
- Any often uses with question and negative form.
Ex: Is there any water?
- Some often uses with positive form.
Ex: You should eat some rice.
Answered 12 years ago

Hello, Englishteststore.net team! I do really love your site but i think you have to look through the grammar which you have written... In all grammar books it was written that , we have to use"any"for uncountable nouns but for offer and polite form like"coffee,water,cheese"etc -SOME not any. Would you like some water? Would you like any water?- is wrong it means "any water from lake,tea plus" Well at least i come to conclusion because of grammatical point of view. Kindly ask you to reply to my opinion. sincerely Good luck
Answered 4 years ago

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