What is the diffent between used to and to be used to?

I am confusing when using used to and to be used to. Please help!
11 years ago
Asked 11 years ago

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Take a look at the following two sentences:

"She used to drink wine."
"She is used to drinking wine."

"She used to drink wine.", means that, in the past she drank wine, but now she doesn't. Used to describes an action that happened in the past, but doesn't happen now.

"She is used to drinking wine." means that, at first drinking wine was strange and unusual, but now it has become familiar. Be used to describes an action that was, perhaps, difficult and is now easy.
Answered 11 years ago

used to means one thing or any one we are doing in the past but not now.used to be means it is doing now and difficult cultivate
Answered 11 years ago
g.theertha prasad reddy

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