pl. correct my mistake which i typed

i am 46 yrs old and what is my desires I don't know myself. But you can help me as I am lower paid clerk and very week in my subject i.e. in English as well as hiindi
13 years ago
Asked 13 years ago

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desired id . can you help me . low paid very weak . in subject i.e
Answered 13 years ago

for improving your english vocabulary start memorizing : pairs of words ; idioms ; antonyms(words opposite in meaning) ; synonyms(words similar in meanings) and one word substitution. you can find them in every grammar. if memorizing is difficult just make it a habit to read 10- 15 words from them dailyl
secondly watch english news regulary for at least half an hour.
thirdly read only one or two paragraphs from some english news paper daily. but most important dont forget to keep a good dictionary with you. and dont hesitate to open it again and again if need arises.
Answered 13 years ago
faiz mahmood

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