How can i make English grammar strong?

12 years ago
Asked 12 years ago
Adam khan akhunzada

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Read, read, and read some more! Grammar classes might help, but if you do that, you'll have to think about what you're saying when you're talking. If you read and you're exposed to correct grammar, you'll find yourself using better grammar without realizing it.
Answered 12 years ago

I suggest you buying a grammar book-it's not very expensive and you will always have it by your side when you need to check something.Also,you can check if that's simple grammar book,or hader etc.Actually for me that's chatting on Internet that has helped me a lot,listening songs,writing letters to pen friends-and what's best,that's not only completely free-it's fun & easy :)
Answered 12 years ago

If you have an English grammar book (or can put your hands on one) you could look up the particular rule that applies when your professors indicate an error. You could also use the grammar book to research the things you want to research just for your own information.

Taking an English grammar class would also be very helpful; but you may not have time for that or you may simply not want to do that.

Hope this helps.
Answered 12 years ago

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