How to improve the significant value on ELPT test ?

13 years ago
Asked 13 years ago

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The ELPT consists of two independent components:

* The oral component probes proficiency in speaking and listening comprehension. The oral exam lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Students are interviewed individually or in small groups, by one or two faculty testers. Students' performance is evaluated based on the clarity and eloquence of their speech, and on the degree to which they are able to maintain an academic register. Intelligibility is a major factor in the evaluation, but not degree of foreign accent.

* The written component evaluates skills in writing and in reading comprehension. The written exam lasts one hour. Students are provided a brief passage to read, along with a small dataset displayed on a chart, graph, or map. Students are asked to write a task-based response (for example, in the form of an editorial, letter, or report) making reference to both the passage and the data. Students' written responses are evaluated based on whether they:

o convey sound understanding, interpretation, and analysis of the passage and the task;
o elaborate ideas using specific and relevant evidence from the text and dataset provided;
o exhibit appropriate organization;
o exhibit appropriate language use; and
o exhibit appropriate use of spelling, punctuation, and grammar conventions.

Therefore, Practice Practice Practice is my advice
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