English GrammarEnglish grammar is a basic skill that every English learner should learn carefully. In this section, each grammar topic provides you questions and answers. Basic grammar tests contain explanations of correct answers. The explanations help you to refresh your knowledge about your tested topic. Don't forget to read direction of each test before you start. You can download some free tests for offline use.






Basic Grammar

  1. Articles (A, An, The)
  2. Have and Have got
  3. Plural Nouns
  4. Adjectives
  5. Adverbs
  6. Adjectives and Adverbs
  7. Am, is, are
  8. Were, Was
  9. There is/There are/There was/There were
  10. Do, Does, Did, Done 
  11. Auxiliary verbs
  12. Comparisons
  13. Conjunctions
  14. Conditional Sentences
  15. Gerunds
  16. Infinitives
  17. Gerund and Infinitive
  18. Modal Verbs
  19. Mood
  20. Must / Have to
  21. Narration
  22. Nouns
  23. Participle Phrases
  24. Passive Voice
  25. Phrasal verbs
  26. Prepositions
  27. Pronouns
  28. Quantifier
  29. Adjectives as Nouns
  30. Relative Clauses
  31. Reported Speech
  32. Sentence Patterns
  33. Subject and Verb Agreement
  34. Subjunctive
  35. Question Tag
  36. Imperative
  37. Interrogative Pronouns
  38. Relative Pronouns
  39. Measures
  40. Regular and Irregular Verbs
  41. Verbal
  42. Verbs

English Tenses

  1.  Present Simple
  2. Present Continuous
  3. Present Simple vs Present Continuous
  4. Present Continuous vs Future Simple
  5. Present Perfect Tense
  6. Present Perfect Continuous
  7. Present Perfect vs Past Simple
  8. Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous
  9. Present Simple - Present Continuous - Present Perfect
  10. Past Simple
  11. Past Continuous
  12. Past Simple vs Past Continuous
  13. Past Simple vs Past Perfect
  14. Past Perfect
  15. Past Perfect Continuous
  16. Past Perfect vs Past Perfect Continuous
  17. Past Simple - Past Continuous - Past Perfect
  18. Future Simple
  19. Be going to
  20. Future Continuous
  21. Future Perfect
  22. Future Perfect vs Future Continuous
  23. Future Simple - Be Going To - Present Continuous
  24. Future Simple vs Future Continuous
  25. Verb Tenses






Advanced Grammar

  1. Much vs Many
  2. Little/A little/Few/A few
  3. Must not vs Need not
  4. Shall vs Will
  5. So and Neither do I
  6. Since and For
  7. So vs Such
  8. Do vs Make
  9. Either vs Neither
  10. Tell vs Say
  11. There be
  12. Used to vs Be used to
  13. Will vs Be going to
  14. Grammar Theory
  15. Total English Grammar Basic Level
  16. Total English Grammar Pre-Intermediate Level
  17. Total English Grammar Intermediate Level
  18. Total English Grammar Advanced Level
  19. High School Grammar
  20. Error Recogintion Basic Level
  21. Error Recogintion Pre-Intermediate Level
  22. Error Recogintion Intermediate Level
  23. Error Recogintion Advanced Level
  24. Error Recogintion TOEIC
  25. Fill in the Blanks - Pre-Intermediate Level
  26. Fill in the Blanks - Intermediate Level
  27. The same meaning sentences
  28. Total English Prepositions
  29. American or British English
  30. Check your grammar level
  31. Super Grammar Challenge Contest
  32. Break the English records
  33. Check your English level
  34. Test your employee's English level
  35. Prepositions (In, At, On - Location) Tests
  36. Prepositions (In, At, On - Times) Tests
  37. Prepositions (Mixed In, At, On) Tests

Comparison Tests

1.Learn vs Study Test

2.Fit vs Match Test

3.Historic vs Historical Test

4.Expensive vs Costly Test

5.Continuous vs Continual Test

6.Bring vs Take Test

7.Attend vs Join Test

8.Died vs Dead Test

9.Economic vs Economical Test

10.Politic vs Political Test

11.Altogether vs All Together Test

12.Although vs But Test

13.Excited vs Exciting Test

14.Interested vs Interesting Test

15.Anyway vs Any Way Test

16.Affect vs Effect Test

17.Beside vs Besides Test

18.Borrow vs Lend Test

19.Fewer vs Less Test

20.Invent vs Discover Test

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