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Monday, 08 August 2011 09:13
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Do you know your English grammar level? It is very interesting and useful if you know where you are in English grammar level. This test was designed to help you check your English grammar level. The test covers almost all English grammar aspects.  The test contains 150 questions. Be patient if you really want to check your English grammar level. Try your best to answer all questions.


Before taking the test:

Instructions: In this test will check your English grammar level. This test contains 150 questions. Questions 135-150 you have to find mistakes in the given sentences. After you read a question, read the choices and choose the best answer to the question you have read.
He _____ a teacher.

A. am
B. is
C. be
D. are
The best answer to the question is B. You should choose answer B then click "Submit" button.


After taking the test:

When you finish your test, compare your score with the following range to know your English grammar level:
- From 0-40 - Beginner Level
- From 41-60 - Elementary Level
- From 61-80 - Pre-Intermediate Level
- From 81-100 - Intermediate Level
- From 101-125 - Upper-Intermediate Level
- From 126-150 - Advanced Level


The test may take time to load. Please wait.